Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my trash is not picked up? 

Please contact us and we will rectify the situation immediately. 

Do you dispose special waste? 

Absolutely. We were granted the license and certification required to collect, transport, and dispose of special waste such as biosolids, contaminated soil, asbestos, sludge, and others. You can contact us to know more about this. 

Do you dispose hazardous waste? 

Unfortunately, hazardous waste is illegal to discard in the solid waste and recycling containers that we have provided. Hazardous waste is a special class of waste that includes personal medication biohazards, flammable products, weapons, explosives, and live ammunition. There are certain local programs organized by the local government to allow community members to dispose their hazardous waste properly. 

What if pickup schedule falls on a holiday? 

We will be happy to reschedule the pickup for you. Call our office and we will try our best to accommodate your new proposed schedule. 

What can and cannot be recycled? 

The list of acceptable items for recycling vary depending on the location and contract. In general, the following items are not recyclable: drinking glasses, ceramics, pyrex and other glass cookware, medical waste such as needles, and disposable diapers. 

Where do I place the containers? 

We advise you to store containers in places which will easily be accessed by our employees and drivers. Make sure that there is nothing blocking the way, especially snow or ice during the winter months.